About Us

Do not ride when wet and not if you are not a skilled rider. This trail is known for its flow. The trails are well drained and suitable for riding when wet. For the ultimate downhill blast, ride to the top of Hickory Mountain Loop, take a minute to catch your breath and prepare to smile all the way to the parking lot, barely needing to pedal. The trail finishes in switchbacks coming down the mountain with some good berms.

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Our Mission

The start of the dirt road is marked on the Google Map directions on this page. From here the trail narrows and skirts a rocky hillside. Several high speed, low risk sections take you down the sandy open trail for some of the most fun downhills in the area. It is steep. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. This trail ends at the intersection of Middle Earth. I'm slow and a little chicken top hit some of the gap jumps but this was super fun.

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The Gram

  • Front view of a woman on a road bike in a city.
  • A racing cyclist on his bike passing a few spectators.
  • A coaster bike resting against a building.